In cooperation with Vertano and BILFINGER





Construction Management “CM” Services for IBM Data Center, Blonie, Poland

  • Prepared Project Administration Book for managing the project
  • Set up Document Control System for Bilfinger
  • Managed Contracts for various Work Packages and Installations
  • Managed and Scheduled the Construction Works
  • Prepared Master Construction Schedule and Managed Construction works
  • Managed Construction Coordination Meetings
  • Prepared Monthly Reports
  • Managed works and contracts for the Licensed Inspectors: Building, Mechanical, BMS, Electrical, Fire and Health & Safety/BHP and for Site ManagerKierownik Budowy
  • Coordination of construction works, energy, water usage with the Landlord
  • Managed Monthly Progress Payments to the Subcontractors
  • Managed Submittals, RFI issued by the Subcontractors
  • Managed Change Orders, Annexes
  • Managed Purchase Orders to IBM
  • Managed Factory Testing of Main Equipment:Chillers, CRAC Units, UPS, Generators, Switchboards etc. and their successful shipments from various factories in EU to the site
  • Managed of Approvals for Fire & Life Safety Equipment, System and Installation from FM Global Insurance Company
  • Managed Testing & Commissioning Activities with Subcontractors
  • Managed successful closing of Snag (Punch) List Items
  • Managed Integrated Systems TestsIST” with the Lead Consultant “ARUP”, IBM and Subcontractors
  • Managed Handover of Work Packages from Sub-Contractors to Bilfinger
  • Coordination of FF&E Works with IBM’s Suppliers
  • Coordination of IT Cabling Works with IBM’s Suppliers
  • Managed Fire, SANEPID, BHP, and PINB Inspections
  • Managed Occupancy Permit for the Data Center
  • Managed ECB-S Certificate for the Data Center
  • Managed Training for FM Team
  • Handover of As Built, O&M Documents, Warranties and Licenses to IBM
  • Successful Close-off the Project: Contracts, Annexes, Invoices, Payments, PO, Claims, Change Orders, Retention Money, Warranty etc.
  • Successful Handover of works to IBM and FM Team


Construction Area: 6 500 m2

Completion Date: August 2013